Monday, March 3, 2008

Delicious Grass Fed Beef at Diner

So I didn't get offal this week. Turns out Diner only serves liver up at dinner time. What, is offal too rich for lunch? Is it too early for people to handle the delicious, iron-rich umami that is organ meat? If people can handle a dirty water dog or a McDonald's hamburger (and the film it leaves behind) then I think people can handle liver.

Oh well. Instead I had this:

An awesome cheeseburger. Diner does all their own butchering and uses only grass fed meat. Now, for those who have not partaken in grass fed meat, let me assure you it does taste different from your traditional corn or ....whatever else fed meat. It's richer, gamier (in a good way) than corn fed beef, which tastes mostly just like...meat, boring meat. Grass fed beef lingers on the tongue, it fills the mouth and really satisfies. It also doesn't leave you feeling heavy with fat and ickyness (if I may use a technical meat-term). It leaves you feeling like a good carnivore should - happy. The Metallica blasting in the background didn't hurt the victorious, meat-conquering vibe that the burger provided.

The fries were also amazing. They were hand cut and still had some bits of skin on them, which is just how I like them to be. I almost felt bad corrupting them with ketchup. Almost. But I do love me some ketchup.

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